Rob Middleton Surgery
09 Sep 2019

Mako study up and running!

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Rob Middleton Robotic Surgery
19 Jul 2019

Hip replacements using robotic-assisted technology

A Bournemouth University (BU) professor will undertake the first in-depth analysis of using robotic-assisted technology in hip replacements. The Mako […]

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ORI Team
07 Dec 2018

Orthopaedic Research Institute features in National Campaign

This week, ORI was showcased as part of a Universities UK (UUK) national campaign, ‘MadeatUni’ which sees a host of […]

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Professor Rob Middleton
19 Feb 2018

The BUORI is the first place in the world to have their own VirtaMed ArthroS™ hip simulator to train on.

Professor Middleton has been involved in the development of robotic surgery and the use of computer navigation in surgery since […]

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