What causes hip pain

Hip pain is a very common symptom. The most common cause of hip pain especially as one gets older is osteoarthritis. The most commonly performed operation in the western world is the hip replacement and in terms of improvement in quality of life it is the most successful operation we have available to date.

The site of hip pain can vary considerably as pain is often referred. The nerves supplying the hip also supply other areas of the body. Initially the pain can seem quite remote before settling in the hip itself. Common sites for referred hip pain are lower back, buttock, groin, thigh radiating to the knee and below.

Surgery avoidance

I didn’t have any pain, there was freedom of movement in the hip joint in a way that I never anticipated I would have again. I anticipated the pain would go, but the freedom of the joint was just wonderful.

Margaret Rees

Treating hip pain

The key thing in treating hip pain is making a diagnosis and this is done from the history, consultations and investigations. Once a diagnosis has been made then treatment can be instituted so that the patient symptoms can be improved and the patient can get back to their normal life.

The three main treatment options are conservative avoiding surgery, painkilling injections and hip replacement.

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