Considering hip replacement surgery

In cases of severe arthritis where conservative means are no longer effective, the best option to consider is a hip replacement. Of all the operations in the western world, hip replacement is often regarded as the most successful and is also the most commonly performed.

80% of patients having hip replacement will have their symptoms relieved and get back to full activity. The other 20% are significantly improved, but may have the odd ache or pain. It is rare to be worse rather than better off after a hip replacement unless one suffers a complication.

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I could hardly walk, but after the operation I was back in my room and the pain was gone. There was no more pain.

John Sweetman

What happens during a hip replacement?

Hip replacement can be performed under general anaesthetic, but is more commonly performed under a spinal anaesthetic and sedation. During the operation, the worn out hip is removed and a new hip replacement consisting of a socket and stem is inserted. Once the hip replacement is inserted, the patient can fully weight bear on the leg.

When the patient can get on and off the bed themselves, walk the corridors and do a flight of stairs they can go home. The clips are removed at 10 days and the patient receives physiotherapy. Patients can come off walking aids as soon as they are confident and have lost their limp.

Robotic hip replacement

What happens after a hip replacement?

As mentioned above, 80% of patients having hip replacement will have their symptoms relieved and get back to full activity.

With the latest surgical and anaesthetic techniques recovery is quick following a hip replacement. Most patients are in hospital 2-3 days, off crutches in 1-2 weeks, back driving at 6 weeks and back to full activity including tennis and golf at three months.

Full recovery after a hip replacement takes up to a year.

Hip replacement recovery


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Robotic Assisted Hip Replacement

The latest development in surgery has been the introduction of robotics. A robot combined with an expert surgeon, leads to a level of accuracy and precision never previously achieved.

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Hip Replacement Recovery

Professor Middleton was one of the experts in the development of Enhanced Recovery after hip surgery. Having set up his own unit he worked for the NHS nationally spreading best practice and teaches and lectures internationally.

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