How I can help

By providing treatment both in the out patient clinic and as an inpatient, most hip pain can be resolved.

Research has shown exercise and stretching programmes developed by Professor Middleton that can improve hip pain and stiffness in 70-80% of people. Where conservative treatment doesn’t resolve the problem he offers a full range of services both in the clinic and as an in hospital stay. From a pain relieving injection to a robotic assisted hip replacement, the most accurate method of positioning the hip.

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I could hardly walk, but after the operation I was back in my room and the pain was gone. There was no more pain.

John Sweetman


What I can provide for you

Exercise programmes, injection of trigger points and the bursa, hip injections, keyhole surgery of the hip, hip replacement, robotic assisted hip replacement and redo hip replacement.


With over 20 years of experience as a Specialist Hip Consultant, Professor Middleton can diagnose and treat your hip problem. The latest scans, MRI and CT, are available on site for immediate booking next to his consulting rooms.

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Hip Pain

By specialising in hip problems Professor Middleton has treated all causes of pain and disability associated with the hip joint. Using the latest diagnostic techniques and expert physiotherapists the underlying problem can be identified and then treated.

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Surgery Avoidance

An expert in the conservative treatment of osteoarthritis, Professor Middleton has researched and published extensively on treatments that avoid surgery.

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Hip Replacement

Of all the operations one can have during one’s lifetime, hip replacement, is the most successful. Relieving pain and restoring function, adding more quality life years than any other procedure.

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